A Day In The Life of Feather Kids at Second Chance Bird Rescue

Hi, my name is BoBo. I'm an African Senegal parrot and a little helper at Second Chance Bird Rescue. Here's what it's like for a typical day in the life of us feather kids at Second Chance. The meals and play time are my favorite part of day!

In the morning we clean up the feeders, mix pellet, cut up fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare for the meals. Currently we serve over 97 bowls a day (not counting fresh water). Here's me and my pal, Birdie, a Sun Conure, performing out daily freshness tests. We gladly put down our seal of approval!

Variety, checked, we love plain popcorns.

All the food is stored in the fridge to retain freshness.

97 bowls and counting!

Every weekend we have volunteers coming in to "deep" clean our cages. We also always have a lot of play toys to keep us mentally stimulated.

There's always plenty of play time to keep us socialized. Did somebody say party time?

Here's a video of my fellow feather kids having a blast socializing and dancing to the beat! Until next time!

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