Mission Statement


We do not breed, buy, or sell parrots!





Our primary goal is to provide a second chance for companion parrots.

We will work to rehabilitate birds who have behavior issues.


We feel that all feathered family members deserve a second chance to find a

home and a loving family to join.


Each home is carefully screened, and investigated in person, to help assure

that each placement is as smooth and well suited as possible.


No bird is adopted to a person it shows an obvious dislike for, and no person is allowed to adopt a bird before completing placement visits and screening in order to ensure each bird is place in the right home.


We strive to provide the local community with educational programs that enlighten community members about the various birds and the commitment required to care for them.


We also strive to provide routine field trips that will further enrich the educational awareness and potentially improve relations between the community and Second Chance Bird Rescue.


Donna Costley

Board Members

Donna Costley

Eyal Goldman

Marla Meyer

Aaron & Tara Chaney